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Full view of the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Our majestic waterfall is considered the ultimate African icon. Named Victoria Falls in 1855 by Dr David Livingstone 1855, & in his own words “Scenes so lovely must be gazed upon by Angels in their flight”. Vic Falls is best viewed at flood season, January to August, September to December shows reduced water flows. NB VIC FALLS WILL NEVER DRY please ignore the rumours, there is a natural ebb & flow happening for the last million years. The Zambezi River & Vic Falls forms the border between Zimbabwe & Zambia. The Zimbabwe Falls are spectacular all year, Zambia Falls dwindle & dry July to December. Vic Falls accolades include Leader of the 7 Natural Earth Wonders, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Earth’s longest continuous curtain of falling water at 1.7km wide with a drop of 110m. Batoka Gorgebelow the Falls, is the home of at least 7 other extinct Mega Falls sites, home to many birding & botany rarities, plus white water rafting & kayaking.

Often tribally known as Mosi oa Tunya (smoke that thunders), Shongwe (boiling pot) and e’Kunga by the original inhabitants for over 30 000years, the Kalahari San Bushmen. Vic Falls is divided into several viewing sections of varying heights, namely Devils Cataract 68m, Cataract Island, Main Falls 94m, Livingstone Island where the famous Doctor first viewed the Falls, Horseshoe Falls 96m, Rainbow Falls 110m, Eastern Cataract 102m.

Rainbows are prolific at certain times each day. During 3 evenings over Full Moon, the LUNAR Moonbow can be seen - weather permitting. Special Moonbow Falls Tour can be arranged to view this unusual phenomena. Seasonal water flow varies, but averages at 660 million litres/minute. The Falls are surrounded by lush tropical Rain Forests & Palm Groves, daily downpours, heavy misty fogs, teeming with African Nature, the rising vapour cloud over the Falls heads skywards for over 1km, often best viewed at sunrise from Vic Falls Hotel. A breathtaking swim on the edge, Devils or Angels Pool in Zambia, is seasonally possible. Cecil Rhodes Historical Rail Bridge 1905, crosses from Zimbabwe to Zambia and ideally positioned for travellers to sip a G&T while viewing the Falls from the comforts of their train carriage. Classic Steam Train safaris still run today. A quick comparison of other waterfalls - Niagara 1200m x 50m. Iguazu 2700m x 82m.

Vic Falls NP Entry Fee is US$30. SADC US$20. Opening times vary during winter/summer/full moon, but usually 6am till 6pm.

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