Important Tips

Eco~Lynx support entirely ‘eco-friendly & green travel’, ensuring that local communities, orphans, schools & wildlife conservation directly benefit from your visit. We do not support any organisation that is hazardous to the environment eg Hardwood & Wood Carvings exploitation without sustainable utilisation & replanting, Batoka Gorge Helicopter Flights that disrupt resident raptors, unethical capture, undernourishment & mistreatment by harsh torture & training techniques of wild Elephant calves for Elephant back rides, hand-reared Lion cubs which apparently are released back to the wild once mature, but have been known to become ‘canned lion - cage hunting’ for their prized skins. Please conserve water & save electricity by re-using towels unless very dirty. All litter should be placed in bins.


The National Park entry fee is often paid direct to NP Officials, with indemnity forms required to be signed prior to all activities. Timing may be delayed slightly due to non private pick-ups & delays at other points. PLEASE do not encourage or buy from the street curio sellers, they should be positioned in the traditional curio market & frequently  harass Vic Falls visitors – please visit the wide selection of curios on offer in the market area. While visiting Vic Falls & feel threatened or pressured into buying curios or safaris – please feel free to take a digital photo of the offenders & send it to us for onward transmission to ZRP Tourism Police Dept. The many Street Kids & Slum Beggars should not be given food or cash, they can easily find work carving or polishing curios. Most are alcohol & drug abusers – this is what your cash will be sponsoring. Any NEGATIVE experiences while visiting Vic Falls – we would love to hear from you.

MALARIA – mosquito’s are usually active at sundown & night or dull weather, cover up with light material long sleeved shirts, long trousers with socks, combined with effective insect repellent ie DEET on neck, wrist, ankle & exposed skin areas. Sleep under treated mosquito netting, ensure all doors and windows of your accommodation are screened against mosquitoes, leave the room lights off as mozzies are attracted to heat & light sources. Sleep with a gentle fan or air-con on at night to move the air. Side-effects from the prophylaxis can occur – it is advisable to test the prescribed tablets prior to departure, tablets are best taken after the dinner meals. The three most effective anti-malaria tablets are Malarone (Malanil), Mefloquine (Lariam or Mefliam) & Doxycycline. It is possible to contract malaria while on malaria prophylaxis, be aware of any headaches & fever that occur within 14 – 21 days after visiting a Malaria area. Treatment using an Artemesia based product is quick & without side-effects. MALARIA KILLS FAST – please be AWARE.

ANIMALS - Please do not approach or allow wild animals to approach to close, within the hotel grounds or town areas. Although they appear relaxed & semi tame - they are completely wild, dangerous & will attack, bite, maim, injure & even kill, once their safety zone is intruded. Common wildlife around the town include Crocodile, Hippo, Elephant, Buffalo, Warthog, Mongoose, Impala, Waterbuck, Kudu, Bushbuck, Chacma Baboon & Vervet Monkey. Lion & Leopard are occasional visitors near the village too!
Precautions : HIV/AIDS is highly prevalent. Bilharzia, Putzi Fly, Tickbite & Sunburn Heat Rash. Don’t Tempt Theft by public displays of cash, jewellery, opulence & technical gadgets. Report any incidents to Tourism Police & your Accomodation facility. Be streetwise & responsible. Don’t Photograph or video any government institutions including airports & immigration posts or officials.

Victoria Falls is situated in a vast wildlife National Park providing fantastic Big Five  & Birding photographic safari options. The timeless beauty of the serene African wilderness